Iverson Painting has come a long way since that yellow paint bucket. More than 30 years ago, in 1986, Mark Sr. and Barb Iverson established the quintessential “mom-and-pop” painting company. The two provided high-quality painting services at a fair price to their friends and neighbors. Quickly, word of their work spread throughout the stateline region.

Within a year, the business was growing so fast that their son, Paul, joined the company. Paul left behind a successful career as a restaurant manager, bringing with him a new emphasis on first-rate customer service.

Shortly after that, Mark Sr. and Barb’s younger son, Mark II, brought his talents to Iverson Painting. An instructor of Interior Decorating at Rock Valley College, Mark II significantly increased the level of design and color consulting that Iverson Painting could provide. This new level of expertise ultimately led to the company’s appearance on HGTV’s show “Before & After” with Pat Simpson.

In 1990, Mark Sr. and Barb retired from the family business and Paul took over as the owner and operator. As the company has grown, Iverson Painting has hired only full-time, professional painters, rather than use sub-contractors. Because of that, the average tenure of a painter at Iverson is more than 16 years.

Sticking to its three-pronged approach of providing high-quality painting, first-rate customer service, at a fair price has allowed Iverson Painting to become Rockford’s first name in painting.